HP X1000 Wired Mouse (BlackGrey)

by HP

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HP X1000 Wired Mouse overview

Remain productive all day with trendy, glossy, and sleek X1000 Wired Mouse (Black/Grey) from HP. Built with stringent HP guidelines and standards, X1000 naturally blends current, sleek design with advanced and life-enhancing features. It is stylishly designed with metallic shiny and glossy black with sophistication. Produced to precision, this wired mouse makes surfing smooth, convenient, and pleasant and does not need a file's installation for it to run. It comes equipped with three buttons, which help in more straightforward navigation of work on your desktop or laptop, improving your productivity. It also contains an optical sensor; hence, one can easily use it wherever and whenever it works on any work surfaces. X1000 mouse sets you free since it gives a whole year of service without experiencing any battery problem.

The sleek and modern X1000 mouse adds a prompt touch of modern-setting style at your workplace, and its modern design blends perfectly with your office décor or insides of your house. The HP mouse features the advancing technology you desire to work with, making sure that your work stays high productivity all day. Notably, all HP products are of superior quality due to sophistication and, therefore, satisfy all your requirements and the purchase reasons. Interestingly, X1000 is compatible with Microsoft Vista 8 and 7, and Microsoft Windows XP.

HP X1000 Wired Mouse Features

  • Consistent Performance

The HP X1000 is highly durable since its battery gives you a whole year of service without experiencing any work obstacle. It also gives you total satisfaction since you can easily access it whenever and wherever you are without any malfunctions. Besides this, this HP mouse boasts an optical sensor that works best on most surfaces and assists in the cursor's soft movement as you scroll your screen.

  • Easy to set-up and connect

The HP X1000 Wired Mouse comes with a USB plug that allows you to connect to your desktop or laptop at home or in the office, and you can use it wherever and whenever you need it. It has a reliable USB plug that connects in just a single simple step. What is more, is that you do not require any software to connect to your desktop or laptop. The USB is highly compatible with Windows, subsequently making it easier for you to use it on your laptop or desktop without experiencing any glitches.

  • Compact design

This slim mouse is comfortable to use, and it fits perfectly well within the palm of your hand. X1000 lets you easily navigate on your desktop, tablet, or laptop, thus ensuring good productivity throughout your work.

  • Easy to use

The HP X1000 contains three buttons, including the left and right buttons, which can be used for numerous functions like selecting and formatting. And besides, the scroll wheel allows you to smoothly and fast go through the web and documents.

HP X1000 Mouse specs

  • Three buttons
  • Optical movement direction
  • Black/Grey color               
  • One year warranty
  • Scroll wheel type
  • Sleek design
  • USB 2.0 connection
  • Optical technology
  • Wired connection


If you are shopping for a speedy and straightforward mouse, this HP X1000 Wired Mouse is your great deal. It is reliable and durable since it does not hinder you from working due to battery problems. Therefore, you can easily use it whenever and wherever you need it. Make your order today at Nairobi Computer Shop, the best Computer dealers in Nairobi. All our products are sold at a favorable price. And besides, all are genuine because we get them right from the manufacturer. HP is well known to produce superior and authentic quality products to ensure all your requirements are fulfilled.